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Welding Machine

Three head PVC window seamless welding machine

  • Main Specification

    Ø The machine is made up of three machine heads, machine frame, electric control tank and material supporting fame etc.

    Ø Can weld and clean the corner at one time. Specially for the colored profile. suitable for welding colorful section steel( including attaching mold, double-color co-extrusion, transfer printing, and spraying).

    Ø There are fixing mechanism, pressing mechanism, heating mechanism and head box etc. on machine head.

    Ø The machine is used for PVC window and door welding processing; it can achieve the whole welding processing individually.

    Ø The movable stand adopts non-oil lubricating bearing and linear ball bearing that make it of high precision, easy operation, and convenient maintenance.  

    Ø One of the machine heads can be used for welding processing with variable angles; it is also suitable for special shaped window welding like arch window. The three machine heads can be combined at will. 

    Ø It uses eight cutting tools and weld and clear corners, seams. It can also clearing seam for window-support and crossed window-support, resulting in perfect welding surface.

    Technical Parameter 

    Ø Voltage:
    220V   50HZ
    Ø Total Power:
    Ø Air pressure:
    Ø Air consumption:
    Ø Profile height:
    Ø Welding size:
    Ø Overall dimension:
    4500mm x1100mm x 1700mm
    Ø Weight:

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