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The smart grid construction drives the domestic wire and cable industry usher in new opportunities

  With the development of urbanization in our country, the establishment of the smart grid is also gradually started in our country, as a new industry, the smart grid on unmanned intelligent, efficient operation characteristics, will be the future power grid in the future develop trend, the industry will usher in a new opportunity. And as the main supporting industries in the grid to establish, wire and cable industry has ushered in the broader market prospects and an unprecedented new opportunities. Chinese cable companies how to enjoy the opportunity?
  Wire and cable as set up one of the main supporting industry of national economy in our country, as early as 2011 annual production planning has super trillions, is second to the automotive industry in industrial machinery industry, the products meet the rate and the domestic market share is beyond 90%. According to statistics, China‘s 4653 more than existing range wire and cable industry enterprises, annual sales revenue expenditure in 1 billion yuan of above of 85 enterprises, assets in 1 billion yuan of above the scope of the enterprise has 36. In recent 15 years, average annual increase of more than 15%, wire and cable industry in the future years, because China is in the early stage of the industrialization, wire and cable industry in China to carry out the speed will be higher than the common recent economic development speed, estimated at more than 10%, especially the power wire and power cable to an annual increase of 15%. Stand at the height of the global perspective, China‘s wire and cable output has surpassed the United States, is the largest wire and cable producer in the world. In the planning and volume is so huge electric wire electric cable profession, who can possession leading? Who can be the top? It will become industry both inside and outside attached great importance to the thesis.
  Follow their own level of progress of industrialization, root establish perfect, the degree of urbanization progress, cable industry will mature, in the industry show distinct polar differentiation, industry concentration degree progress, which occupy the market share of 67% of the top ten of the us market, Japan‘s former six occupy the market share of 65%, France‘s top five occupied 90% market share. Industry concentration degree is low, cause cable industry in the scatter market form, but insist on the high wire and cable industry increasing, consumption to the rapid progress effectiveness, product promotion and upgrading of deceleration, product structure is reasonable, the increasingly diversified capital structure in the industry, marketization process and slow down; Especially coastal and economic flourishing region of wire and cable manufacturing advantages, further expansion of regional differences. At the same time, under the circumstances of the smart grid, the third industrial revolution, renewable power and distributed the information integration done using skills blend, as the link cable demand about intelligent, intelligent cable arises at the historic moment. Under the smart grid construction stocks move, change the cable industry‘s appearance is attack. "Transformed" cable industry, is bound to be greeted with more calm posture power intelligent era. With the widespread application of the skills and continuous improvement, system of capital will also fell sharply, and is expected to become a 21st century global is an important industry.
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