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Leading led drive hardware industry improve quality

  In recent years, the zhuhai encourages enterprises to actively participate in the construction of the national standards, industry standards and regional groups, to give priority to, or to participate in the formulation of standards "made in zhejiang" group companies reward 300000 yuan, through the "made in zhejiang" brand certification enterprise reward 500000 yuan, is the highest amount in the province the reward, motivate the enterprise participation enthusiasm to mark.
  To leverage for short strong entity cost reduction
  Reporter lu have been the correspondent huangtian
  Production workshop, wang li group, the group head system has grown two millimeters Gao Jian with employees is a anti-theft security door sealing packaging, as part of "made in zhejiang" group standard samples of the training work, ready to sent to shaoxing quality test center.
  "Two days ago, wang li has passed the certification of the" zhejiang manufacturing experts on-site audit." Gao Jian said, by the industry professional team of technical experts and quality certification organization for the group in the quality of excellence, innovation, and the core aspects of achievement said, agree completely GeBiao, as long as the product through the next test, wang li will become one of the first through the standard of enterprise.
  Wang li group only standard leverage industry transformation and upgrading of a microcosm. Zhuhai synchronized with "made in zhejiang" group standards for standard and standard step and Yang, group of group work. Since last year set by the zhuhai anti-theft security door industry "made in zhejiang" team since standards, leaves and more new companies are also actively apply for docking for the job.
  Previously, td, zhengyang and three front three companies dominate the formulation of micro prism beamsplitters, oblique cutting machine, electric saw chain "made in zhejiang" group standard approved respectively. Zhuhai door industry, glass industry, and electric tool industry has been included in the "made in zhejiang" group pilot industry standard construction, through the demonstration leading role of leading enterprises, drive the industry pay attention to quality management, enhance the level of manufacturing.
  City pledges inspect bureau quality management division section chief hui-ling is introduced, the existing vigorously promote the construction of the quality system in zhuhai, on the basis of this year, the agency standards by means of the "made in zhejiang" groups, guide the industry leading enterprises, or "hidden champions" enterprises to actively participate in formulation of zhejiang regional standards. Double quality system planning and management requirements, introduced the standard, not only requires enterprises to adopt advanced management system to ensure product quality stability and lead, to ensure the product technical indexes reach the domestic first-class, the international advanced level.
  Our city through the implementation of the strategy for the standardization, yongkang, yongkang standard of "going out" to stimulate product, technology, equipment, services of "going out", build the leading economic transformation and upgrading, cultivating new economic growth momentum and the international competitive advantage of strategic cornerstone. In the first half of the city of new three products listed in the "made in zhejiang province" brand in 2016 first batch of cultivating directory, the number in the province.
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  Published by the zhuhai to further promote the city‘s industrial economy steady development innovation and development of several opinions to encourage standards and certification, for the new international, national, provincial standardization technical committee or by technical committee secretariat work of enterprise, reward 800000 yuan, 400000 yuan and 200000 yuan respectively. To dominate the international standards, and revising national compulsory standards and voluntary standards, industry standards of the state (or provincial local standard), the local standards enterprise, each standard reward 800000 yuan respectively, 400000 yuan, 300000 yuan, 200000 yuan, 100000 yuan; Participation system revision of the unit, according to the dominant system revision of similar standard bonusgiven is 50% reward (have multiple enterprise to participate as a standard system revision, average reward fund allocation).
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