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Industrial robot appearance It should

  A picture of a robot genesis blueprint, reality version under way in the front of our eyes. Guangdong trajectory of industrial robots and vision are: government and enterprises expect using industrial robot to overcome labor shortages, and technology innovation to reverse the economic slowdown.
  Between the ideal and reality, however, always across the mountains. The strength of the domestic industrial robot technology, in the industry point of view, is not so good, "small, scattered, weak" is the current reality. To really take off the top of the crown "manufacturing this pearl", depending on the government and enterprises how to go next.
  Industry puzzle
  Rush, bubble surface
  According to incomplete statistics, at present the country has built or under construction robot industrial park more than 40, there is a lot of robot industrial park in the pipeline. For nearly two years, almost every day was born A robot company, industry association, according to the number of robot number less than 300, 2013, by the end of 2015, A number of enterprises have nearly thousand pure robot, only in the a-share listed companies, involved in more than 50 of the concept of robot.
  From the point of regional distribution, the number of robot production enterprises in guangdong the largest domestic; accounted for nearly thirty percent. And the guangdong provincial key manufacturing enterprises have 159 home robot.
  Growing so rapidly, in addition to the huge market demand (through substitution "machine" to alleviate employment pressure, reduce costs, intelligent transformation has become a trend), also with local governments "enthusiasm" ruination. Provide land, to provide financial services, and even direct subsidies, local government support robot enterprise development way emerge in endlessly. Of course, some enterprises will be in the sign of a high and new technology enterprise to go to a "fool" the government there for support, or even go to fry a robot concept.
  Flowers like scene, cover up the inner anxiety. With the domestic many industries, robots from an increasing number of enterprises will not necessarily lead to improvements in quality. 2015 data showed that 90% of the robot in our country enterprise scale was below 100 million dollars. "Small, scattered, weak" the cluster of enterprises, will let the emerging industry in the rapid development of the robot into a low-end overcapacity "curse"? Around as minister of ministry of MiaoWei said, at present the development of advanced manufacturing industry and emerging industries enthusiasm is very high, but there are "blind" investment, the phenomenon of "rush", even "low-end high-end industry" signs.
  Hollow technology, in the future
  What is a "low-end high-end industry"? Harbin institute of robotics institute, said zhao jie, domestic robots are widely applied in areas of low performance requirements. In other words, we are engaged in high-end industries, is in the low position.
  Shenyang siasun robot co., LTD., head dao-kui qu is more blunt: "domestic robot products mainly have three characteristics: the core technology of hollowing out, key parts imported, the high-end products marginalized." Robot is a typical "three highs" industry, need high technology, high talent and high investment, and a lot of relevant domestic enterprises is in the phase of "three lows" or even "3 without". Without master chip, software, control system and other high-end technology situation, can only do some shell and assembly. Zhao jie regrets, "just machine, rather than a robot".
  "One of the four big families" maker FANUC robots (Japan FANUC) in the exhibition expo
  It is understood that the nearly hundred of robot ontology enterprises in our country, generally in imitation of assembly and price war. In addition to the shenyang siasun, guangzhou CNC and firms can obtain a certain market, most of the shipments are the lack of independent innovation ability in the school, most of the core parts need to import enterprise, not only of others, and most of the profit by caries by foreign enterprises
  In dongguan, for example, the city in 2015, 1.5 billion yuan output value of the industrial robot, the link of system integration (65.5%), ontology (30.9%), development and application of the core parts research accounted for only 3.6%. A cost of industrial robots, generally accounted for more than half the cost of the core components, and "teaching" robots do actions system integration costs little head.
  Dongguan industrial output value structure and the cost of industrial robot form "upside down", that is to say, most of the profits of the industrial robot, eventually flow into the enterprise dongguan agent by the Japan yaskawa, Japan fanuc, the pockets of the enterprise.
  In 2015, according to domestic ontology in the case of sales increase, single product gross margin decline is expected to more than 10%, it is restricted by technology and scale, industrial robot industry in China by foreign brand suppression. In 2015 Japan fanuc, yaskawa, library CARDS in Germany, Sweden ABB, the "big four" accounting for more than 50% of the industrial robot market share in China, local industrial robots brand share of only 8%.
  If only with homogeneous low expansion, don‘t pursue high-end breakthrough, the future of domestic robot industry. The result can only be others eat meat, we drink soup.
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