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How the unsalable hardware products quickly handle out

  In recent years, intelligent hardware industry, mechanization rapid popularization, the small and medium-sized hardware enterprises blossom everywhere, bring hardware industry rapid development at the same time, also brought the market oversupply, therefore the product unsalable has become a common phenomenon in the industry. Although compared with food, clothing and other goods, metal products stored for a long time, but long-term accumulate over a long period of slow, again good quality hardware products will damage, quality variation and even the phenomenon of aging, to manufacturers and dealers bring huge economic losses.
  Products unsalable is caused by many factors, in many cases even inevitable, but this is not to say that in the face of unsold, we can only lay down and die. No unsold products, only to move a brain, below small make up will introduce you to some unsalable rapid processing hardware products out of the method:
  A, bundling
  Bundling is the most common promotion methods in the business. Refers to the unmarketable products and more selling product sales method "bundled" together. Such as unsalable bath towel rack can and store sells good shower or other bathroom accessories bundled together, assumes that the individual retail one to 398 yuan, shower set bath towel rack to $40, 410 yuan will be bundled them. So that it can be clever to drug sold, maximize reduce losses. But to note here is that now that‘s a drug, the seller must seem willing to give up to reduce the price (in fact, on the premise of ensuring profit), make the customer feel the sweet taste, otherwise not only deal with the drug, even the best-selling products are subject to the drag.
  Second, change the regional sales
  In many cases, it may be some type, a design of hardware products in the city you already tends to saturation, but change the region, a change of location immediately became a best-selling products; Some products can‘t sell in the south, but in the north is very good to sell; Or can be swapped first-tier cities lower-tier small city. In some type of coffee machine, for example, may be its design, function already outdated in a line of big city, but if the price is a little bit lower, in the second - and third-tier small cities may also by local consumers welcome and popular.
  Three, into merchandise for sale
  Since can‘t sell, that is not sold directly to send out. This method seems to be negative, but it is a kind of understand consumers like to benefit from the psychological means of brillant. Sellers will be the backlog of unsold products, into another seller gift give out, use consumer enthusiasm for new products or sell products to drive back to the unmarketable products. Such as a new toaster or sandwich oven can give unsalable when selling electric kettle.
  Of course, treat unsalable products are not only the above three methods, small make up only summarizes several common measures to deal with businesses of unmarketable products. If you have a good idea is behind the article message tells us, with all of you to share your wisdom!
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