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Count the local hardware store often encounter fraud

  Recently, a senior female salesman sell locks, hardware store were tricked into tens of thousands of yuan of news maxed out circle of friends. Now deception can be playful tricks, let a person the creeping in concern for his "property" and at the same time, small make up can‘t help but be liars "high intelligence" deeply impressed. To save you from being cheated, small make up specially compiled some of the local hardware store often encounter fraud, remind everybody to be duped.
  Female salesman selling advanced lock
  A workplace dressed woman selling 398 yuan worth of "luxury door lock", don‘t money white on your hardware store, if you sell a also can get a $88 profit, such a "good thing" especially tempting, of course, is more "good", and then someone specifically looking for this type of locks and throw the big order. And hardware store looking for a manufacturer to promote women to contact replenish onr‘s stock, large amount of deposit in advance. In hardware shopkeeper knocked down after the plot into reverse: man never left orders, sales girl didn‘t send a lock to the door, two personal calls are turned off, hardware boss this just a rude awakening, yourself to be deceived.
  "Teacher" calls, please book disinfectant hardware shop owner to help
  A self-styled "teacher" people make a phone call to the hardware store, want to book a hardware, to relax the boss. Disinfectant will say they want to order, ask a hardware store have disinfectant. Hardware stores are definitely no disinfectant, cheat most difficult relationship with after manufacturer and bad contact as request hardware boss help to order a particular "manufacturer" dozens of cases, and promised to give rebate. The disinfectant manufacturers tend to say, this paragraph of time the factory do promotion, buy more can give you a discount, but need to pay the deposit. Finally to hardware store to wire the deposit to the other side, "the teacher" had gone to the end.
  Friends‘ stuff, but encounter ‘fishing‘ impact
  Trial, friends‘ stuff goods are your local hardware store is very common phenomenon, if the goods sell well, the shops will be considered and manufacturers continue to cooperation, sold well, the salesman to take their products, but this is the most common form of business, has been drilled empty cheats. A few customers to the store to buy some friends‘ stuff of hardware products in the shop, and requires a receipt, it is very normal, but after a while, a liar to the said its sales in the store are fakes, and want to pay to settle or see you on the court, then a lot of hardware store boss really received the court summons. Many businesses also thought he was going to sell the fake indefensible and choose interest better, finally spend tens of thousands of chose to settle.
  Actually if you finish these tricks, but seemingly serious is flawed, because there will always be a large number of people cheated, liar takes advantage of the hardware shop owners eager for money. Here small make up remind you: in the face in the sky "pie", should be time to polish eyes, careful investigation on the salesman and companies, not one involving interests, hot-headed, fall into the crook of trap. In addition, if once found himself cheated, should immediately report to the police to seek legal help, don‘t choose to settle, encourage the evil trends.
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