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Crimping Machine

Four-head Corner Combing Machine CNC

  • Main features
    1. Used for corner punching combination of aluminum windows and doors, four corners connecting at one time are available

    2. Clamping device can auto move forward and backward, making the operation convenient

    3. The rack is weld professionally of AN Steel materials, and with aging treatment

    4. Adopting the imported CNC system ensure the speed and accuracy

    5. The torque monitoring function of the service system can realize auto-press the four corners, ensuring the corner connector accuracy

    6. The corner-crimping blade can be adjusted according to the requirement of different profile

    7. One time for corner combining can control the seam and plane, make the frame quality foresight

    8. Using ball bearing to keep the high precision

    10. The control system and service system make the connect no-seam and improve the control accuracy

    Main technical parameter

    Power supply
    380V /220V
    Main motor power
    Air pressure
    0.5-0.8 M pa
    Air consumption
    Hydraulic pressure
    15 MPa
    Capability of oil box
    Profile height
    Size(length× width × height)
    4700mm × 2200mm × 2500mm
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